The roots of løndstrupp lie in Scandinavia, as do the inspirations for the design of the bags, which are reminiscent of the Viking Age and evoke images of rough, windswept seas and wildly swirling ship’s ropes. Behind løndstrupp is Majbritt Kibsgaard, who is responsible for the design and ensures the sustainable implementation of the products. As quaint and thoroughly masculine the appearance of the bags may be, as supple and flexible is the leather from which they are made. A second glance at the latest reveals the female hand of creation: the shape of many bags is round, almost cuddly. Materials that are as natural as possible are combined with classic, timeless design and traditional craftsmanship. The typical feature of every løndstrupp bag is a carrying strap made of coarse hemp knit. The design is functionally aimed at providing sufficient space for the female smorgasbord….

The idea

The collection – starting from the basic model Thormoor – is permanently extended in small exclusive editions. Contrary to the general trend to come up with new bag models every season, løndstrupp stays true to the respective models and focuses on new refined accents and loving details in each subsequent edition.

Each bag is unique and is made by hand in a small handicraft manufactory in the Swiss mountains and for the clientele in the far north in a fishing village in Norway. The leather used is vegetable tanned, in a traditional, environmentally friendly process that uses no chemical additives. løndstrupp’s attitude is to keep production in its own homeland, ensuring short transport routes while promoting traditional craftsmanship.